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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the comments real?

Yes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and ensure that we will please our customers. When you buy YouTube comments from our service, you are assured that real life users in our large networks are generating these comments. Instead of bots or automatic software that are spammy and generic.

Will these comments drop?

You don’t ever have to worry about the number of comments on your channel dropping with time. Any YouTube comments you buy from us is guaranteed to continue being the same amount. If for any reason the comments drop, you can reach us through our contact page and we will replenish them free of charge.

Is your service safe?

Our methods are completely safe and are in conjunction with the policies of YouTube to avoid your channel getting banned. We use white hat strategies in commenting to get you the desired goals without hurting your brand. With our list of users over a large network, our comments are human generated and never get red-flagged.

What about my Privacy?

The privacy of our customers is of paramount importance and guaranteed. Our software always up to date and we use HTTPs encryption that protects your personal information from hackers and bots. All credentials, email addresses and usernames are secured and never shared to the public.

How fast will I receive the comments?

Two words symbolize our brand: fast and reliable. How to get YouTube comments and how fast is the question you’ve asked, we have an answer! When you buy from us, you start seeing results in a couple of hours. In the one in a million chance where nothing happens within 24 hours, you can contact us through our contact page and it would be resolved.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept directly the following types of payments: PayPal and crypto coins via Please note that the payment methods may change according to your region. If you have any question with regard to our payment options and terms, feel free to contact us any time.


Benefits of purchasing YouTube comments:

Build Your Brand Authority

Ever noticed that the biggest brands usually have a high number of comments and always trending? This high comment activity usually signifies both authority and popularity. When you buy YouTube comments, you increase the activity on your channel and strengthen your video’s online visibility. The more visible your content is, the higher the number of views you attract, the higher the chances of your videos trending which directly increases your brand authority and popularity.

If your videos at YouTube have relevant keywords in the description or title, they will appear more in youtube search. Buying YouTube comments can also get you more subscribers, favorites and likes to your video. They strengthen your Video’s online visibility. All this undeniably offers you tremendous online exposure.

Help Boost SEO

With YouTube comments, you would make your video appear in the top search results of popular search engines. Google believes that content is King. The content they refer to is not just your content, but also your reader’s content – in this case, comments.

By buying cheap YouTube comments you don’t simply buy copied words such as “it’s good” or anything such. Instead, you would get perfect custom comments formed by the experts. The quantity and quality of YouTube comments directly affect the ranking of videos in popular search engines. Comments are vital in search engine rankings because new users 75% of the time check the comment section of a video to determine if it is worth their time.

Google views comments as a part of your video content and can act as a positive signal to increase to your search engine performance. So when you are getting good comments, they add to the quality of your video channel, increase engagement and improve your SEO rankings.

Create Interaction with Your Audience

Make no mistake about it, nobody wants to spend time on a brand that comes off as a faceless entity or one that does not care. The comment section of your YouTube brand gives the appearance of it being human and makes your brand reachable. The interaction between viewers shows that your channel is not just a one-way street where viewers are stuffed with contents.

The greater amount of comments motivates more social interaction from video viewers. If people see a video without having any comments, they would feel less persuaded to contribute comments on their own. Moreover, if they see that more and more people are conversing about your videos, they eventually get into the conversation.

Buying real youtube comments is an important option to consider if you really want to improve the interaction on YouTube. This will definitely bring new potential customers who would contact you or tend to buy your product. Your business will reach to a higher extent within no time by utilizing this marketing strategy.

Increase Your Productivity

When you buy YouTube comments, it saves you the time and effort promoting your channel and business. It allows you to concentrate on other activities. Quality comments increase the trust your viewers have for you, which in turns serves as a means of advertisement for your brand. All of these combined to give you better productivity of whatever you doing or selling on YouTube.

Increasing Positivity on Your Channel

Your YouTube comment section might be flooding with trolls, spams, negativity and other competing channels who are trying to advertise. You can fight back by using Socialgrand to write your own comments specific to your video and input positivity back into the discussion. In this highly competitive world, it is essential to take every possible measure to make your business flourish in the market.

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