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Buy Facebook Likes

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facebook likes There’s no doubt about it: If you are a business- or website-owner, you HAVE to be on Facebook! Savvy marketers and businessmen realize the importance of engaging your target audience, and Facebook is an excellent platform for that.

Matter of fact, there are about 30 million businesses now have a facebook fan page and 19 million of these FB fan pages are optimized for viewing on a mobile device. Surely, those millions of website- and business-owners can’t be wrong.

Probably, you are already on Facebook. You and your business have a beefed-up fan page– complete with a custom header or timeline image; enticing images, posts, and excerpts from your blog; and you have a lot of other great pieces of content lined up. But something seems amiss. Nobody seems to like your page!

So what is a start-up going to do?

The answer: buy facebook likes.

Buy Facebook Likes – Why Do You Need to Consider It

To put it simply, “Like” is a virtual currency of sorts – it makes FB’s world go ‘round. Interestingly, the more you have of it, the more you get it. Just take a look at total amount of Likes, daily, and weekly growth of the fan pages from the Top most liked pages you will see the point. The bad news is that you are starting from ZERO. The good news, however, is that you can level the playing field by buying Likes and taking your business to celebrity-like status.

Top 5 Reasons For Buying Facebook Likes:

Gives MASSIVE Social Proof & Trust

Fancy words like “best-selling,” “top 10,” or “award-winning” have lost their value in the face customers and readers that are growing savvier every day. However, these people are still looking for clues or hints to determine someone’s authority, importance, or expertise.

In our information-dense, online world, these “badges of influence” are measured through social media following, and in Facebook’s case, it’s measured through Likes. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. After all, a brand, company or business wouldn’t have a huge following if they aren’t trustworthy and important in their chosen industry.

By pumping Likes to your company’s Facebook page, you gain instant social proof and build trust…which snowballs to other benefits listed below.

Increase In Customer Acquisition

Businesses that buy real facebook likes for cheap; engage with their followers; and regularly publishing relevant content have great results to show for their efforts. In a study published by a popular content marketing firm, they discovered that B2C businesses that invest in Facebook generate 43% of their customers through the social media site. For B2B companies, it’s even greater at 73%.

This makes perfect sense. The trustworthiness of an organization is measured by consumers through their following. And when you have thousands of raving fans liking your page, potential clients will find it easier trust you and eventually buy your products and services.

Decreased Marketing Costs

When you have hundreds or thousands of people you can reach with a single click of a button (which is what you get when you buy Facebook Likes), the potential to increase your customer acquisition is massive.

In another research by a popular online marketing company, 84% of marketers that buy Likes and spend as little as 6 hours per week on Facebook and other social media sites was enough to generate a significant increase in traffic. For a channel as large as Facebook (which has 1.19 billion active users as of this writing), spending 6 hours a week to generate leads and acquire new customers is a minuscule time investment!

It’s Good for SEO

Social signals play a big role in today’s SEO scene. It has been proven that one of the most relevant social signals in Google’s eyes is the one related to Facebook. And what’s the “currency” used to by search engines to determine the strength of these Facebook social signals: no other than the Facebook Like.

In other words, the more likes your Facebook page has, the more relevant it will look to Google, and the higher the rankings it will assign both to it and the website the page is linking to.

It’s an Effective (and Cheap) Way to Retain Traffic

Once you buy Facebook likes, you can keep communicating with that user until he or she clicks on the “I don’t like it anymore” button, which is unlikely to happen.

With other traffic sources, such as PPC for example, you pay for a click that won’t mean anything unless you capture the lead by making him submit his contact information. More often than not, you end up paying substantial money for clicks that account for little after the user leaves the page without filling a form.

On the other hand, a Facebook like guarantees long term traffic retention, regardless of whether or not the visitor decides to submit his contact information. Moreover, a Facebook like is considerably cheaper than a click obtained via PPC programs on the great majority of the cases.

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