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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the views real?

SocialGrand helps you get YouTube views that are 100% genuine and are reflected soon after you purchase them. We employ only the most authentic strategies to make your views go up. Rather than using bots or scripts which are easily identified by YouTube’s algorithm as ‘fake’. By purchasing real views, the credibility and standing of your channel are maintained.

Will these views drop?

Relying on shady websites to buy YouTube views is risky dropping because such platforms make use of view bots to get higher numbers. SocialGrand offers you a guarantee of the view numbers you purchase from us. If you ever experience a drop in views, you are welcome to get in touch with our support team through the ‘Contact Us’ page for free replenishments.

Is your service safe?

We only employ the safest, most reliable and tested methods to generate YouTube views. Our practices adhere to benchmark compliance standards and a zero-tolerance policy for mishandling or mismanagement of client safety. At SocialGrand, we are committed to exhibiting the best practices which are followed across the industry.

What about my Privacy?

We understand that client confidentiality holds the utmost importance when buying YouTube views. Our team will never request for your personal information such as passwords. Your emails and usernames will not be sold or shared for marketing/promotional purposes. SocialGrand provides 100% SSL protection throughout the site. We maintain the anonymity of our users no matter what the case and this is why our customers trust us.

How fast will I receive the views?

Based on your selected package, your YouTube views will be reflected in 24 hours or less. If it has been more than 24 hours and your views have still not increased, then you can contact our support team who will be more than happy to help you. We take pride in the fast delivery of our services. In a majority of the cases, views start showing up on a video within a matter of few hours.

What payment methods do you accept?

We believe that customers looking to buy cheap YouTube views should enjoy convenient more. This is why we offer a range of payment options for prospective customers including: PayPal, Credit Cards (Visa or MasterCard), Cryptocurrency (via


Benefits of purchasing YouTube Views:

If you are looking for the perfect solution to be able to market your brand, company, or personal agenda then YouTube is the marketing platform that can get it done. The fact is people love watching videos and it gives a personal touch to any company or brand name. With over 43% video market share online and an outstanding 4 billion video views each day, how can you afford to not be on YouTube?

But, the YouTube arena is more competitive than ever with the influx of commercial channels and a rapid growth of the content creators. Perhaps you have the most engaging content, creative titles yet one issue continues to persist – you’re not getting enough views or maybe none at all!

Here are the top benefits of purchasing YouTube views to help you write your own success story:

Cost-effective marketing solution

A 360-degree advertising campaign can easily cost you thousands of dollars and upwards depending upon the results that you want to achieve. Hoping to rake in YouTube views through this method is not the best bet available because it does not guarantee anything. Buying YouTube views from a reliable service provider is as easy as a click of a button. With customized packages suiting every client’s needs, you can also manage your budget along the way and get the results YOU want!

Consumer Confidence

You can have an excellent product or service and yet never see sales. This is partial, if not mainly due to the lack of consumer confidence. Studies show that over 70% of buyers online tend to pay attention to reviews, videos, and other social indicators to know that your product or service is legitimate and popular.

Just making a video is not enough considering the fact that a lot of people judge the worthiness of a video based on how many other people have watched it before. When you buy views on YouTube and include them on your website it gives your company authority thus making consumers confident.

Make your videos go viral

Ever wonder how something as simple as “Charlie bit my finger” became such a sensation. It all comes down to a crowd mentality that’s ingrained in most humans. When people think it’s funny, they will pretty much jump on board even if their original reaction would have been different.

Another story about a buzzing viral video about a product or service can help drive sales by 13,600%. At least this is what the fashion brand WREN experienced when their ‘First Kiss’ video became an internet phenomenon. But before becoming such a booming, getting initial views on YouTube is very critical for a new video.

This type of viral marketing is possible for the average business if you create a decent video and employ the strategy of buying YouTube views into your marketing portfolio. Just landing one viral video can change the course of your start-up or longtime business model.

Conversion rate increases

Every online company knows one can have a fancy website, great products, and excellent customer service, yet still experience a low conversion rate from consumers. Partially this is due to a new mindset among consumers. Successful online companies like Advance Auto Parts have reported an increase of 177% when they incorporated a product within a how-to or informational video. When you buy YouTube views for your product showcase or instructional videos you will set the stage for an interactive experience for your current clients or new potential customers.

A video with many views and high levels of engagement by the number of likes and comments rakes in more money. Purchasing views entices others to click on your content and ultimately get drawn to external links in the description which can take your traffic and sales to the next level!

Ads on YouTube have higher conversion rates than any other platform. Which makes it an ideal place for companies to advertise their products. As you build your viewership by a trustworthy service, you can turn your channel into a lucrative space for potential advertising opportunities.

Boost your social signals

The SEO conundrum is tougher to crack now than ever before yet its importance to content creators and businesses keeps on growing. Google leads the search engine race by processing 3.5 billion search queries each day. YouTube views are actually connected to your presence on Google through keywords.

Instead of just looking at the number of backlinks you have, search engines now pay great attention to social signals which include YouTube. With the strategy of buying YouTube views cheap, you can increase your social signals thus improving your chances of ranking in the SERPS. This especially works well with Google since they own YouTube as a subsidiary.

Cement your online presence

YouTube views are much similar to a guarantee. When a viewer stumbles upon a vlog with 100,000 views or a beauty advertisement with 250,000 views, they are intrigued to find out more. In essence, big YouTube view numbers guarantee:

  • Consumer confidence
  • Brand awareness
  • Business/individual repute

A number of influencers and stars who started out on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine have now moved onto YouTube to build their fan base. How do you think they got the kick-start on YouTube? Well, you may already know. By buying real YouTube views, you can build your online presence and gain the trust of viewers and consumers alike.

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