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youtube statistics If you are looking for the perfect solution to be able to market your brand, company, or personal agenda then YouTube is the marketing platform that can get it done. The fact is people love watching videos and it gives a personal touch to any company or brand name. With over 43% video market share online and an outstanding 4 billion video views each day, how can you afford to not be on YouTube?

The truth is you can’t! However people only pay attention to videos that have views and those views give the video and its content credibility. So if people won’t watch a video with no views, and you can’t get views if people don’t watch it, how do you get started? You can solve this problem when you buy real youtube views from a top-notch supplier. Today we are going to closely examine how YouTube views can launch your business into tomorrow and forge it from the ground up. Let’s take a close look and examine how buying YouTube views should be a part of your marketing portfolio.

Increases SEO Potential

As you may already know this isn’t the early 2000s anymore and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have cracked down hard on their search engine algorithms. Instead of just looking at the number of backlinks you have or the quality of those backlinks, search engines now pay great attention to social signals which include YouTube videos related to your niche and keywords. By boosting your YouTube video through the strategic use of hiring a credible company to buy YouTube views cheap you can increase your social signals thus improving your chances of ranking in the SERPS. This especially works well with Google since they own YouTube as a subsidiary.

Consumer Confidence

You can have an excellent product or service and yet never see sales. This is partial, if not mainly due to the lack of consumer confidence. Studies show that over 70% of buyers online tend to pay attention to reviews, videos, and other social indicators in order to know that your product or service is legitimate and popular. Just making a video is not enough considering the fact that a lot of people look directly at the number of views for the video and judge its quality and worthiness of a view based on how many other people watched it previously. When you buy YouTube views and include them within your website it gives your company authority thus making consumers confident.

Brand Awareness

Unless you have targeted your desired niche topic or keyword through exact match domain names you definitely will need a boost when it comes to brand awareness. If you think about it what does “Google” mean to most people? To be honest, it meant nothing to most people originally and even to this day a lot of people do not understand what the name actually means, but everyone knows it’s a top-notch search engine to find everything they want online. The exact same thing applies to your company or product brand name. YouTube along with bought views can leave an impression on people that relates the brand name to the service or the quality offered through your company.

Viral Marketing

Ever wonder how something as simple as “Charlie bit my finger” became such a sensation. It all comes down to a crowd mentality that’s ingrained into most humans. When one select group of people see that thousands upon thousands of other people think it’s funny, they will pretty much jump on board even if their original reaction would have been different. This type of viral marketing is possible for the average business if you create a decent video and employ the strategy of buying YouTube videos into your marketing portfolio. Just landing one viral video can change the course of your start-up or long time business model.

Conversion Rate Increases

Every online company knows you can have a fancy website, great products, and excellent customer service, yet still experience a low conversion rate from consumers. Partially this is due to a new mindset among consumers. Successful online companies like Advance Auto Parts have reported an increase of 177% when they incorporated a product within a how-to or informational video. When you buy YouTube views for your product showcase or instructional videos you will set the stage for an interactive experience for your clients and thus see a sharp increase in purchases.

Taking into consideration that even the most famous companies or stars like Lady Gaga have been caught buying views it only makes since that small to medium sized companies should do the same in order to increase their brand awareness and organic viewership. When you buy high-quality YouTube views that incorporate a high retention method you are launching your business into a new stage of viral marketing that creates a culture of consumer confidence that you will bank from every single day!

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