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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the likes real?

Yes! They are real human likes, no bots or auto-system in place. We drive organic traffic to your tracks, unlike other sellers that use fake accounts and bots. Buying Real SoundCloud likes is the effective way your account can grow naturally without getting red-flagged in future.

Will these likes drop?

Your likes will never drop at any time. You will be able to keep the likes we provide permanently for the rest of your online life. That is our guarantee. Even they drop, you always can contact us for free replenishments. You just have nothing to lose with us!

Is your service safe?

Yes! You can be sure that this process is completely safe and reliable. We are committed to using only the safest methods available that comply with the rules and regulations. We are dedicated to promote your link to real people.

What about my Privacy?

We have made it our business to guard your privacy to keep your confidence. We will never ask for your account password. The information you provide (e-mail and username) will remain in our jurisdiction and will not be shared on any platform or affiliates. There is also SSL protection to keep our clients’ private and confidential.

How fast will I start receiving the likes?

You will be receiving your likes a few hours after you complete the transaction process on our website, sometimes in less than an hour. However, if you don’t get any likes within 24 hours, you should contact us at once.

What payment methods do you accept?

To facilitate quick pay that is reliable, easily accessible, and available around the globe, we use PayPal and You may therefore, use credit cards on PayPal or crypto coins via for the fastest transfers available regardless of your location. Feel free to contact us for more suggestions.


Benefits of purchasing SoundCloud likes:

Kick start your music career

For newbies and experienced users, the best way to set the ball rolling is with SoundCloud likes. With more SoundCloud likes and reposts, you stand a much better chance to go viral with your music.

There are lots of big names in the industry that started with Soundcloud. Some of which includes Post Malone, Gygo, Kehlani many more. You can pretty much buy cheap SoundCloud likes from various sources, but we are one of the very few platforms that guarantee 100% account safety.

Attracts more listeners

The music industry is no different from all other market structures where consumers are largely influenced by crowds. When a music playlist on a user’s account is attached with a significant number of likes, other users on the platform are bound to get attracted.

Everyone would want to be updated with the new force pulling likes; in feeding the curiosity number of listeners increase significantly. If you have no core audience to your music, go get SoundCloud likes.

Rise through the Charts

Do you want to rank higher? Well, you should know that the site is all about how many plays, comments, and streams you have. If you want to rise up to the top, you will need to have a serious influence and that’s hard to come by naturally.

Some big-name acts have taken to the site and still don’t have a lot of rankings on the charts. The reason why they aren’t there is simple, they aren’t using the correct elements to get to the top.

If you do not buy likes on SoundCloud, you will find that you will easily get buried at the bottom of the barrel of the web page. Don’t allow yourself to lose sight of getting through the rankings, find a way to get into things better by simply getting a boost.


Signing up with reputable record labels is the ultimate goal of all musicians, this means it is highly competitive. The record labels only recognize and approach musicians that stand out from the crowd. When you buy SoundCloud likes you are a step closer to being signed up.

The number of sign-ups defines success in the music industry. Any musician can attract record labels and sponsors on the social media through more SoundCloud likes.

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