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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the views real?

Yes. Our views are 100% human views, which are as a result of vigorous campaigns through the Facebook platform. Our clients reported improvement in interaction after purchasing targeted views from us. We understand how important it is to do the right thing for the benefit of your business. You are guaranteed of real views from real people and which influence your videos the right way.

Will these views drop?

No. When you purchase the views, we give a guarantee and in case you experience a drop, please contact us and we will restore them free of charge. When you buy real facebook views with SocialGrand, you will not only increase your traffic but also boost your popularity. Our main objective is to make you the most competitive in the market.

Is your service safe?

Absolutely! We guarantee you 100% that our views are safe. We have boosted and worked with many artists to keep them top on the charts. Again, we are fully compliant with the policies governing this business and employs only approved methods with all relevant regulations - 100% safety with no limitations.

What about my Privacy?

With us, you are 100% protected. We never ask for your password when buying and your account; email, Facebook or username will never be shared. We observe a high level of confidentiality in our dealing and therefore you can rest assured of your safety when buying views from us. We also have SSL protection and thus our system is watertight.

How fast will I start receiving the views?

When you purchase the views, our team works to ensure that you receive them in the shortest time possible. It is possible that sometimes you could wait for hours but beyond 24 hours, kindly let us know and we will give you a solution. Our team is always on the standby to give you a quick response 24/7.

What payment methods do you accept?

Sometimes it can be daunting when you want to pay but there are limited options -It does not matter the location or currency- we have got you covered.
You can buy Facebook views through PayPal, Take advantage of the option that is convenient for you. Whether through account transfer or credit cards, crypto coins, you will get a confirmation from us of the payment you make.


Benefits of purchasing facebook views:

Facebook has become an important social media in the recent age. It isn’t just for making friends but also acts as a platform for influencers and content creators. When they are uploading a new video they do want to get Facebook views. One of the easiest ways is to purchase them and here are the benefits.

It acts as a Headstart

If you are a new content creator or influencer then your reach will be quite low. With the help of purchased views, you can actually grow your videos, pages. In days it changes into an organic flow as Facebook tends to promote videos which have more views. So, you will be way ahead of other creators who have a low view rate. Hence, you can focus more on the quality of content creation.

It is Cheap and Fast

What about saving? Buying views will cut the cost and the time involved in sales campaigns and marketing. Marketing is otherwise a very expensive portfolio in any business, which could cost to the tune of 3/4 of the entire business budget. Buying cheap facebook views will reduce this cost and thus increase the company savings.

On the other hand, the cost of our views is very cheap compared to creating and managing ads campaigns that may not get you as many views as you expected. Here in SocialGrand, you get guaranteed order delivery in time and amount. You can reach to people who can become consumers of your products or services.

Let you compete well

Facebook is full of content creators and one has to shine among them. If you are left behind then most likely you will fail in the future as well. If someone purchases views then they will already get into the competition and they can actually compete with the top level creators. This comes quite handy in the initial days of being on Facebook as a creator and it reduces competition as well.

Helps in Attracting Organic Views

If someone is thinking about how to get Facebook views then the easiest way is to purchase them. But you can get further results after the delivery: more organic Views. When a video has a decent amount of views, Facebook tends to get it featured and appear more on suggestion box which is brilliant!

People will come on their own and of course, you get more organic views, more interaction like comments, shares, likes. And there is a change that they will even follow you or your page to see more content from you in future. So buying views for your Facebook videos is just the beginning of “everything will improve” formula.

Increase sales

The views will enhance your social presence and therefore your business can get more viewers and this will ultimately lead to conversion and increased sales. You can use the new viewers to push for product penetration and cross-selling.

The tyranny of numbers works for the majority of businesses. This is what you get when you buy facebook views from us. Your client base grows and it is gold for your business.

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