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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the followers real?

Yes, they are. Our followers are 100% real. Engagement is vital in social media nowadays and this only comes from real accounts. We don't use bots like similar service providers. You should be aware that potential customers scan through Twitter followers. And those bots or fake accounts stick out like a sore thumb which harms your business' reputation.

Will these accounts unfollow me?

That never happened before. But these are real followers and we are talking about real life here, it could happen. However, we GUARANTEE the follower numbers you purchase from us. Therefore, if you notice a drop off in our followers then simply contact us via our contact form and we can top up your followers free of charge. That is the best thing you can expect when you buy followers on Twitter.

Is your service safe?

Yes, it is safe. No one wants to run the risk of damaging their valuable social media accounts when they get Twitter followers. We understand your concerns. That's why our service carefully adheres to all guidelines, terms and conditions, as well as future updates from Twitter.

What about my Privacy?

We have full SSL security throughout our own website and we NEVER ask for your Twitter account password. We strictly adhere to new GDPR guidelines and will never trade or sell on any details we acquire from you such as your email address, usernames etc.

How fast will I start receiving the followers?

You should start seeing new followers within a couple of hours after you buy twitter followers from us. If you have not noticed any growth after 24 hours then, by all means, feel free to contact us via our contact form so we can check into it.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and PayPal allows us to offer our services fast and securely, we also accept payment by crypto coins via You can suggest the option you want to buy cheap twitter followers from us.


Benefits of purchasing Twitter Followers:

Twitter is a very Powerful Social Media Tool

The number of monthly active Twitter users remains robust at 300+ million in 2018. Regular users are not migrating to similar services and so this steady gradual growth is projected to continue.

Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful social media tools. Powerful enough to rig the result of the 2016 US Presidential election if recent news stories are to be believed. A single tweet can provoke the strongest of reactions in people. And misuse of Twitter has torpedoed careers of celebrities and politicians amongst others. Use this power to maximize the benefit to your business instead of harming it by finding out where to buy Twitter followers.

Provides Social Proof for Your Business

Twitter provides 'social proof' for your business. Popularized by Roberto Cialdini in his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, Social Proof is the idea that other people's behavior and decisions affect our own. In marketing terms, if you see other people like and endorse a product or brand then instinctively you will think it is of value too.

It is very powerful and is used throughout marketing. An example of this is product reviews, a good review makes you more likely to purchase something. And consequently, a bad review has an even more powerful effect and must be avoided at all costs.

You can harness this power for your business when you buy real Twitter followers. If a potential customer sees you already have a lot of Twitter followers then they will subconsciously believe your account has value and is worth following too.

Likewise, you must think of how to get Twitter followers because only having a handful of followers is negative social proof and must be avoided. People automatically assume your business does not have value, that it does not have a good reputation or it has other negative traits.

Boost Your SEO

Google has a partnership with Twitter so that it has access to Twitter's stream of tweets known as the firehose. Google is monitoring all tweets and using this information in its algorithm. 'Focus on the user and the rest will follow' is item number 1 in Google's famous philosophy known as '10 things'. Twitter is one of the most effective ways of focusing on users. And having an active Twitter profile with lots of followers should be a crucial part of your business' SEO strategy.

Saves Time and Money

Gives you a head start with a new account saving you time. When you want to get Twitter followers those first 1000 are the hardest, the next 1000 are a lot easier and quicker, this is social proof in action. It makes sense to invest and give your account a helping hand. Furthermore, buying twitter followers is a time and cost-effective strategy compared to expensive advertising campaigns which may not produce the results you desire.

Boosts Your Entire Business and All Social Media Accounts

This boost to your Twitter account boosts your business as a whole by creating a buzz about it in the minds of potential followers. "Wow, I wonder why so many people are following these guys? I don't want to miss out, I will follow too".

This credibility and buzz on Twitter leak over to your own website, FB page and other social media accounts giving a lift to your business. And it will lead to a boost in sales by reaching more potential customers than before both directly and through tweets.

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