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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the likes real?

Yes! Our likes are legitimate from real human actions. We do NOT use bots to enhance your social media content. Other sellers frequently use automated bots to inflate numbers, but we use real, authentic accounts to boost your twitter likes.

Will these likes drop?

No! Unlike other sellers, our like number is permanent. When you buy real twitter likes from us, we provide a lifetime guarantee! In other cases, purchasing twitter likes often leads to “decay,” where you slowly receive diminishing returns. With our service, you never need to worry about dropping numbers!

Is your service safe?

Absolutely! We do not engage in any malicious tactics during our process. We only practice the safest methods and strategies and do not implement malware/adware.
Additionally, our process complies with Twitter ToS. There’s no risk of losing your account because our system is clean and organized.

What about my Privacy?

Your privacy is important to us! We will never ask for your password. We do not sell or share your information, such as username/emails.

We also implement SSL based security throughout our website for completely safe browsing. There is nothing you have to worry about.

How fast will I start receiving the likes?

The initial process usually takes a couple of hours after your purchase is verified. However, if you’re encountering problems or don’t see a boost to your activity after 24 hours, please contact us! Sometimes there are delays due to time zone differences. Rest assured, you will always receive your purchased followers!

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept PayPal and/or credit cards. We also accept Cryptocurrency payments through These payments are secure and are trusted by internet users around the globe. You can select the method that suits you the best.


Benefits of purchasing Twitter Likes:

So, why bother to get Twitter likes at all? Isn’t it better to just build out your audience organically? Well, that depends! Building a follower base on social media can take lots of time and effort – even if you produce quality content on a daily basis. Purchasing Twitter likes allows you to move around the taxing process of building an audience. Think of it like buying a great foundation for a new skyscraper! Buying Twitter likes is essentially the foundation.

Gain Online Exposure

Buying twitter likes (favorites) for your tweets will raise your trust ranking higher in a social circuit. People generally trust tweets which has more likes on it. They are more likely to click on a tweet which has a good number of likes which acts like a star rating.

A decent number of likes in a way is an indication of a positive review of your business. No matter if you are a businessman, professional, sportsman, actor or politician, having more twitter likes will get you started big on Twitter.

Enhance Your Growth

Once you know how to buy likes on Twitter, you start a snowball process of bringing in new growth. Visitors will identify your page and associate it with a successful brand. This increases the likelihood of gaining new, organic followers, which in turn recommend your brand and/or products. The idea of buying twitter likes is to establish a strong foundation. This, in turn, gives you a healthy starting point to further expand your community outreach.

Remain Competitive

Any business using social media knows how incredibly useful it is, and Twitter is no exception. Currently, there is an estimated 330 million active users with a total of 1.3 billion accounts created. This means your organization must not only maintain visibility, but compete with others. Even the largest companies will face challenges when trying to create organic traffic and growth. Again, buying cheap Twitter likes puts your foot in the door and gives you important traction.

Increase Sales

Once you have a big amount of likes on twitter, you can use that for selling products, deals, and specials. If you’re a business, for example, you can announce new items via Twitter. The amount of likes and retweets increases visibility, while also legitimizing the item itself. People are more likely to trust a sale with thousands of likes! And, as we’ve mentioned, since you gain more visibility, the sales campaign is more effective. An easy solution once you buy twitter likes!

Gain Credibility to Your Twitter Profile

Most people who do twitter marketing usually gives more importance of gaining more twitter followers. Believing that a large follower’s base without interaction is the last thing that can hurt your twitter marketing campaign!


Having more followers but few likes will raise people’s suspicion about your method of gaining followers on Twitter. They will know something is not right! On the other hand, having the right mix of twitter likes, followers and re-tweets is an important twitter marketing strategy that you always want. As it makes your profile more natural and people are very encouraged to follow you or like your tweets.
Don’t delay! Enhance your brand and give your organization the Twitter boost it needs!

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