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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the plays real?

Absolutely! Unlike other sellers, we do not use bots to do the job. Real plays are from real SoundCloud users. These are the music lovers who listened to your music by browsing the web and even recommend to family and friends. We guarantee the authenticity of users on board.

Will these plays drop?

Never. We guarantee that if you get SoundCloud plays from us, you will have permanent plays. Even if the plays drop, you can always let us know through our contact page. Then, we will give you free replenishments. We have customer support services available 24/7 to address any issue or concern from your end.

Is your service safe?

Totally. If you’re wondering where to buy real SoundCloud plays that are safe and secure, then you’ve come to the right place. In our entire web existence, we have never encountered any issue regarding the safety and security of our clients. We use the safest platforms, and we readily observe the rules and policies to make sure your account safety.

What about my Privacy?

We give high regard to your private information. Hence, you can expect nothing but an absolute guarantee from us insofar as your privacy is concerned. When clients buy SoundCloud plays, we don’t ask for passwords. Whatever information you have given will be kept confidential, as always. Also, we have SSL protection all throughout the website so your information remains safe and well-protected.

How fast will I start receiving the plays?

You can receive them within a 2-hour timeframe. We process our client’s orders as soon as we receive the payment. We want you to get the best return for your investment, so we make it a point to double-check all orders. Processing of orders takes typically just a couple of hours so long as there are no errors on both ends.

What payment methods do you accept?

We have several platforms to guarantee an easy and fast payment process. Our payment options are flexible as well. You can use a PayPal account. You may pay virtual coins through Should you have any question with regard to our payment options and terms, feel free to contact us any time. We will gladly address any query.


Benefits of purchasing SoundCloud plays:

Enhances Popularity Perception

By investing in Soundcloud plays, an artist is able to enhance the level of popularity of his or her tracks thereby giving the all-important initial boost to the whole endeavor. With the increased number of plays for the artist’s tracks together with the improved popularity, the general image of the artist also soars in quick time.

Buying SoundCloud plays and creating tags to similar works from other artists will up an artist’s popularity level as the tracks are bound to feature in their similar works. Thereby increasing the chances of profile visit and track plays.

More Plays Equals Higher Rank

When an artist sets out to buy plays on SoundCloud, he or she is also indirectly increasing the search rankings of the tracks. It is pretty well known that the more plays a track gains, the higher it will be ranked in searches. And the higher search ranking a track garners, the more plays it is bound to get.

Buying real & cheap SoundCloud plays thus sets off a beautiful chain reaction that induces listeners to share their experience with others.

Generates More Followers

It is a human psychology to be attracted to and to pursue what is already being pursued by others. People, in general, are enticed or allured by trending events and things.

With more SoundCloud plays, an artist’s tracks become trending topics eventually and can end up attracting music enthusiasts to his or her site and profile. If the track is of their liking they are bound to give a thumbs-up and more people will follow suit.

Boosts Credibility

It has been indicated by numerous studies, that people tend to keep tabs on what they love regardless of the marketing endeavors. Once the initial contact is made and an artist’s track is well liked, followers tend to stay in sync with new happenings in the artist’s musical journey. The more tracks they get to listen to, the more it works on their level of trust.

Once that all important trust is established, it becomes easy to gain more positive word of mouth. In today’s world, word of mouth is the driving factor that helps individuals and businesses thrive and grow.

Helps Polish Work

This is an indirect but excellent benefit of buying real SoundCloud plays. Not every track will be in line with everybody’s taste and budding artists will need to up their ante if they are to be noticed by high-end labels.

Followers and genuine music lovers tend to give valuable feedbacks on tracks. Both positive and negative reviews will help up and coming musicians polish their work and bring out much better tracks in future or even rework on the ones they wish to.

Economical Way

Working within the confines of a small budget is not easy. But when it is possible to score popularity, credibility, and visibility at one go, all within a reasonable and ‘easy on the pocket’ price range, why not go for it? Multiple birds in one very economical stone indeed.

To buy cheap SoundCloud plays is to invest in the future. From a positive identity creation to enhanced sales, it gives a well-needed boost for any up and coming or even established artist. In today’s social media-driven world, it is either make or break, second chances are mostly non-existent which makes this an even better way to realize those wonderful dreams.

Get More Shows

The digital music industry will not be the only one that’ll take notice of your popularity when you have thousands of SoundCloud plays. You can actually book gigs and perform at various shows once you get noticed by producers and club owners.

If you want a complete career transformation in the music industry, then it’s time to grab this opportunity of a lifetime. Buy SoundCloud plays to draw people into your music.

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