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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the comments real?

Absolutely yes! All the comments you’ll get from us are real. They are nothing like the bot comments you get from other sellers.

It’s crucial to get real comments because otherwise, you can actually damage your reputation. SoundCloud users will notice that something fishy is going on.

Will these comments drop?

You should not be worried about comment dropping once you see these comments popping up. This is something that will never occur because the comments you get from us are permanent for LIFE and we vouch for that.

Even in case you notice that they are dropping, you can contact us via our contact page and we will replenish these comments for free.

Is your service safe?

With years of experience in this field, we were able to develop a system that includes the safest methods and strategies to help users get more SoundCloud comments.

Our tactics comply with the policies and rules set by SoundCloud so you don’t have to worry about anything. Your SoundCloud channel is perfectly safe with us no matter how many comments you are planning on buying.

What about my Privacy?

When it comes to your privacy, you should know that we never ask for your account password. The information we receive from our clients like email address or username will never be shared or sold to any other party.

As an additional measure of security, we have included SSL protection throughout the website. Your personal information is perfectly safe with us.

How fast will I start receiving the comments?

You will be waiting for a couple of hours to see the first results. In case nothing happens after 24 hours, you should contact us right away. We will check what’s wrong and provide a solution without any delays.

We know that you want to buy real SoundCloud comments that work fast and that’s exactly what you’ll get from us.

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal and are the two payment methods that our platform accepts at the moment. Keep in mind that you can pay with your credit card via PayPal or with the help of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) via

We are using these methods because they are fast and reliable and there’s no room for any kind of misunderstandings with our clients.


Benefits of purchasing Soundcloud comments:

Soundcloud is the only way to be a superstar in the music industry. As many artists, as well as the musicians, are struggling to make a presence on Soundcloud; even disc jockeys are trying really hard to get popular. Soundcloud has the power to make anybody a stay overnight, but this is extremely difficult without the right kind of promotion. You should buy Soundcloud comments to be a superstar on Soundcloud. Here are the top reasons for doing it.

Profile Makeover

Believe it or not, the Soundcloud comments can change the look of your profile. An individual can upload tracks or fascinating cover album to make a good profile, but the main attraction is the comment box.

Without even clicking a music link, a person can see the comments by hovering the mouse. Comments are specifically designed on Soundcloud so that people can see comments before playing the tracks. If the comments are good, then the profile will be good as well.

Everyone logs in to Soundcloud just for listening to music, and no one like a music track without comments. A profile is only powerful with lots of positive Soundcloud comments.

Encourage audience response

In case an ordinary SoundCloud user notices that there’s a high number of comments on your tracks, they will probably do the same. People are social beings and they like to participate in conversations where many people are involved even if they don’t know them.

So if you buy SoundCloud comments, then you'll likewise be able to get organic comments on your track. Organic Reach is impossible without any promotion, and the major promotional feature is "Soundcloud comments". You will create hype about your channel and make other users more curious about your work.

Save time

It is true that there are many ways to get SoundCloud comments and improve your SoundCloud profile. But, what’s true for almost all of them is that it takes time to get more comments and create social signals on this platform.

With the help of paid SoundCloud comments, you will cut the time needed for social signals. You create the music, upload it, and get feedback almost instantly.

Save money

Many people will probably get confused when they see this, but the fact is that buying cheap SoundCloud comments will actually save you money in the long run.

That is to say, if you want to promote your channel or your work, you will have to buy ads on this platform or on another website and a campaign like this will cost you a lot of money. And even it doesn’t come with a guarantee. On the other hand, buying high-quality SoundCloud comments is much more affordable, especially with us.

Become an authority

SoundCloud is a very popular audio-sharing platform with users in almost any country in the world. There are millions of active users on this network looking for good music and audio files.

If you have posted something on SoundCloud and there are many comments under your post, you can become an authority on this network. This status will eventually bring fame, money and many other things. So investing a small amount of money on SoundCloud comments is worth it.

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