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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the views real?

Absolutely! Our views are real and not bots offered by other companies. We never sell Instagram views from ghost or fake accounts. Each view comes straight from an active and real Instagram account. We avoid creating fake views for your videos because it could be harmful, even put your account in dangerous situations.

Will these views drop?

At SocialGrand, we adopt a client-centric approach and ensure that our customers get the best quality possible. We ensure that you will not experience a drop in any service you bought from us! Our views have long retention times, guaranteed. So even if you witness any drop in the views, you can always contact us for free replenishments.

Is your service safe?

We are deeply concerned about our client’s key requirements and strongly believe in using the safest possible methods and strategies to provide them with best in class services. We always comply with the safest procedures and techniques when it comes to providing our clients with fast views on Instagram videos.

What about my Privacy?

In the process, we always ensure that no harm is caused to our customers’ privacy. We will never ask you to provide us with your account passwords. Our team will never share or sell your email or username. We use stringent SSL protection throughout the site to make sure all information is stored securely after encryption.

How fast will I start receiving the views?

SocialGrand has always been at the forefront of delivering exactly what is expected of the company. We always deliver your projects before time. That means you won’t have to wait for too long to see the numbers of video view. At most, you'll be waiting for a couple of hours to see the results.

What payment methods do you accept?

We have the ideal packages for our clients that can be easily purchased through our website. In order to make it convenient for our clients, we provide multiple payment options. Clients can buy Instagram views through PayPal and You can either use your credit card for making payments via PayPal or pay crypto coins via


Benefits of purchasing Instagram Views:

Turn potential customers into buyers

According to Instagram, it hit the milestone of 1 billion users in June 2018. Whereas, the number of daily Instagram users is more than 500 million. Isn’t the number huge? These users may be turned into potential buyers for your products. This is the main reason why Instagram is gaining popularity as a new sales platform for e-commerce.

The number of Instagram views plays a considerable role in creating an impact on new visitors. Instagram views are helpful if you are promoting your product through Instagram video. If your videos have a considerable number of views, then it will surely create a positive impact on any new visitor.

Video views help gain confidence to the buyers. Instagram videos assist to convert passive shoppers into confident customers. Therefore, the need of buying Instagram views is stronger than ever.

It is Cheap and Fast

As you already know Instagram offers a great way to market your product/service across a large user base. But getting a decent number of views for your Instagram videos may take a lot of time. When you buy views on Instagram, the number multiplies within just a few days. Instead of putting endless efforts towards marketing and promoting the Instagram videos yourself, buying cheap Instagram views can save you a great deal of money and time. So that you can focus on other things such as creating better content for your profile.

Gain the traction online

Big numbers allow you to gain the attention. Additionally, the more of views lets you gain a higher place in search engines. In case of Instagram, your number of views do not go up even if you watch the same video multiple times from one account. Therefore, it’s mandatory to watch the video from different authentic accounts. Simply get those Instagram views at an affordable price, and start seeing results instantly. Buying Instagram views assist in building an online reputation as well.

Boost engagement and results

In case of engagement and results, videos always overtake photos on social media. If you have a video-centric platform, your customers tend to remember you more and longer. Therefore, a follower comes to a step closer to the purchase. The viewer may check the view number to ensure if he/she is trusting the right brand. Instagram views on your video can support their faith and bring them closer to your brand.

Become popular

Have you set up an Instagram account for promoting your brand and business? Are you wondering how to get genuine Instagram views? Instagram has tight policies concerning fake accounts. Therefore, it is tough for anyone to gain views through fake accounts. We offer genuine views to your Instagram videos. Our team will fetch you genuine views and appreciation from people hailing from diverse backgrounds and industries. Buy real Instagram views can help you become popular. Instagram views promote your videos in a positive way and make the videos go ‘viral’.

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