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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the likes real?

Yes, we only produce organic and real YouTube likes from authentic users, unlike other sellers who generate bots. Youtube can detect inactive or bot accounts which they might flag or delete. Once it happens, likes from bot accounts will apparently be nullified. That’s why we avoid them and deliver only real service to you.

Will these likes drop?

The likes we get from real users will stay on your videos as long as your account exists. They are guaranteed to continue being the same amount.
Head over to our contact page and submit a quick report if you encounter a decrease in likes. We will replenish your likes with no fee!

Is your service safe?

Our services are safe and we make our best effort to adhere to Youtube’s user guidelines and policies. We crafted and picked only the safest methods and strategies that are in compliance with the community’s boundaries. You can rest assured that your purchase is secure as well.

What about my Privacy?

Your privacy is highly valued and we make sure that no one else will be granted access to your details. We will never require your account password. Moreover, your username and email will be kept securely and will not be shared with other parties. We are primly strict about our security so we built our site with SSL protection all throughout.

How fast will I start receiving the likes?

We will work to generate the likes after you buy real Youtube likes from us. Likes will start to come in after a couple of hours and the likes may come in a gradual manner. You may reach us out through our contact page and submit a quick report if it happens that there are no likes generated 24 hours after your purchase.

What payment methods do you accept?

We mainly utilize as well as Paypal as our point of transaction. You can pay using your credit card via Paypal or you may also opt to pay using crypto coins through They are both secure and trusted around the globe.


Benefits of purchasing YouTube Likes:

Increase Your Chances of Going Viral

It only takes an initial boost in likes combined with views before a video on YouTube goes viral around the world. When you buy YouTube likes for your videos, you’re sure to attract more people to view your videos.


Because when a video has a high number of likes, it looks attractive to potential viewers. The curiosity of viewers is heightened as they wonder why this video has so many likes. And they will click to watch it. Thereby increasing views on your video.

Not only that, but it also increases the chances of your videos being featured on youtube. Of course, the video needs to contain unique, new and exciting content first. There are many videos out there that are great enough to be viral but they’re lacking with some initial booster and that is buying youtube likes. If you’re confident about the content of your videos, give it a boost so you can have a higher chance of going viral!

Make People Search You Easier

Ever wondered how YouTube videos are sorted after typing on their search bar? The answer is the number of interactions. The video with the highest number of views, likes, and comments will most probably appear as the first result. In order to make your videos appear first when people search for videos, you should gain a considerable amount of likes and views first.

But it is not always possible to garner that many views and likes immediately without external help. To push this process and to improve the ranking of a particular video, buying likes can be safely considered an easy and effortless method. Once you do, your videos can get a much higher chance of being appeared on the top list of the search results.

Affordable with Speedy Results

Spending your money buying likes for Youtube videos is cheaper than implementing traditional marketing methods. Creating and managing advertising campaigns can eat a lot of your resources including money and time without any guaranteed results.

Fortunately, buying cheap Youtube likes is not just only cheaper but can also garner you with speedy output that is guaranteed upon your purchase. Thereby, it scraps off wastage of resources and helps you to concentrate on other factors to produce more entertaining videos and make your channel better than ever!

Create a Name for Yourself

In the highly competitive world of YouTube, you need to stand out among rivals. It will take time and efforts to carve a niche for yourself. While it is advised to create great content, purchasing likes is the boost you need to get your video in the top ranks and create engagements on your channel.

In a nutshell, when you purchase YouTube likes, you increase your chances of getting positive interactions. This leaves us with a burning question, where to buy YouTube likes? Ensure you buy YouTube likes from trusted vendors. Purchasing ‘fake’ likes will eventually hurt your channel than in the long run. That where we come up and offer you with real likes, go ahead, get those likes and get to the top.

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