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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the reposts real?

SoundCloud reposts offered by SocialGrand are real. Unlike your previous experiences with other sellers offering fake services, we deliver our reposts manually. Thus we do not contract to have it done. You are guaranteed of real reposts from real people and which influence your track the right way.

Will these reposts drop?

Never, our reposts never drop. You can rest assured our reposts are going to live up to the guarantee of staying permanent for LIFE! Since they are real, you have no cause to be fear. Even you discover a drop, kindly contact us through our contact page. We promise to look into the cause immediately and replenish you with free reposts.

Is your service safe?

At SocialGrand, our SoundCloud reposts are delivered professionally. With our many years of excellent experience, we know the right and safest methods to apply in making such important additions. We ensure that our methods are not only safe but also comply with the SoundCloud repost policies. Rest assured, no foul will be suspected when you buy real SoundCloud reposts from us.

What about my Privacy?

At SocialGrand, we quite understand the need and respect the right of our clients to keep their personal details private. Thus, we will never ask for the password of your account, and such sensitive information as an e-mail address or your username will never be sold or shared with any other party apart from us. We have secured our website with a state-of-the-art encryption technology – the SSL protection, so you have nothing to worry about.

How fast will I start receiving the reposts?

Buying SoundCloud reposts from us, you do not have to wait forever to get them. At the most, you will only need to wait a couple of hours before you find results. In the rare event that nothing happens or no activities on your SoundCloud post after 24 hours, kindly contact us. We will look into it immediately.

What payment methods do you accept?

To ensure the comfort of our clients and easy transactions all through, we offer several payment options on our website. Our clients can choose from PayPal and; credit cards for PayPal payments and Cryptocoins for If you need to make further inquiries on this, feel free to get through to us through our contact page.


Benefits of purchasing SoundCloud reposts:

Fast and Easy

Yes, it is possible to get SoundCloud reposts when you put up a music post on SoundCloud. But you can rest assured that these will only come from your inner circle on SoundCloud, and that will not bring you the level of awareness you desire for your music.

However, when you get SoundCloud reposts from other sources like SocialGrand, you increase the number of real reposts of your tracks quite fast and easily, in fact, just with a few clicks.

Making your track more relevant

When you get SoundCloud reposts from real followers for your music tracks, you are ultimately increasing its reach and prominence. It will quickly plunge your work into a network of individuals who are always available to view, like and repost. That way, you are increasing the rating and ranking of your track, and when anyone makes a search inquiry, your tune is among the first couple of songs to come up.

Gain Real Listeners

Let me give you this fast tip; more people tend to check out a track with a good number of reposts. And when they listen, they fall in love, and they become a fan. When you buy SoundCloud reposts, you have ample amount of real listeners to listen to your tune and have it reposted to their followers, who in turn listen and repost. It continues like that and you end up creating a community of followers, who automatically listen and repost any new track that you upload.

Making an Impact

Soundcloud users need something to share with their followers, that is why they repost other's work to give an update to their followers. However, a few Reposts are not enough to make an impact. The number of Reposts of a track decides its popularity and favoritism. To be the favorite, one needs to buy real Soundcloud reposts. People tend to repost a track which is already being reposted by hundreds of people. Therefore, Soundcloud Reposts can really make an impact on your profile as well as your tracks.

Time and Money Saving

Do you know all these moments, efforts and cash you spend on how to get SoundCloud reposts can be reduced to something more affordable? At SocialGrand, our SoundCloud reposts come at cheap rates, and you are guaranteed of results quite promptly. You will definitely find this a better alternative to the traditional marketing campaigns that work by chance, and take time to yield results. Here, all you need to do is just buy cheap SoundCloud reposts from us, and we will take it up from there.

Extended Exposure to Social Media

Due to the SoundCloud key feature embedded almost everywhere, users can now share their works further off SoundCloud. You can reach major social media platforms and websites, including Twitter and Facebook among others. Such exposure does not only give your works and your career a considerable level of international exposure, but it is also a means of unpaid publicity.

Those people who you would reach on the social media might not know about you, but they will get your tune. Imagine they like it, and they further repost it to their families and friends. That is the beginning of a cycle - a great cycle! Interestingly, all these are achievable with only a few clicks from the right angles, when you buy SoundCloud reposts from the right source - like SocialGrand.

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