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youtube statistics You have a YouTube channel. You have filled it with phenomenal, top-quality content that is interesting, informative and establishes you and your brand as worthy contenders in your industry. However, the subscribers and views just are not there—why? YouTube can be a tough market into which to break. People are creatures of habit and YouTube has been around long enough for people to have established their favorite channels and brands and they generally do not feel the need to stray far outside those boundaries, unless it is to watch the occasional (or frequent) adorable animal video. Compounding to that is the lack of publicity that videos with a low amount of views receive—you cannot gain subscribers if no one knows about your work in the first place. If this is the situation in which you find yourself, you should seriously consider purchasing your YouTube subscribers because it is a guaranteed way to boost your rankings and garner more business and attention.

Now, to some this may seem dishonest but it really is not. Television companies do not run ads for free; businesses must pay them for the exposure. This is essentially what you are doing when you buy youtube subscribers. It is simply a marketing strategy and there is nothing but benefits to be gained.

More Organic Views

On YouTube, search results are typically listed by popularity, with the most watched/liked/subscribed in the first position and the least watched/liked/subscribed in the last position. Most viewers are not going to browse to the last page of results to the least popular video; they are going to look at the first page, and some may go a few pages beyond that, but that is the extent of their browsing patience. In order to rank in the first several pages, you need to increase your popularity. That is the vicious cycle of YouTube: you need more people to see your videos, but to get them prominently placed in search results, you need for them to already be extremely popular. It is a system that is not kind to most newcomers. Therefore, buying youtube subscribers and views is simply a means to garner more unsolicited viewings and fans through increasing your rank.

More Reputation

Think of this concept as word-of-mouth advertising, only with virtual strangers. When a lot of people tell you in real life that a business or product is reliable and of high-quality, you tend to believe them more than you would an advertisement because an advertisement has reason to lie to you, while a friend or family member does not. The same holds true on the Internet. When someone has a lot of subscribers, those who are browsing tend to think that the account is worthy of subscribers and the videos are worth watching. After all, why would something be so popular if it were of poor quality or just all-around garbage in video form? Thus, having a lot of subscribers is akin to having a bunch of virtual people all saying, “You should totally check this out, it is amazing! You will not regret it!” Buying subscribers gives you that kind of clout, as well as an image of respectability.


If you are spending a lot of money to produce your videos and seeing nothing for it, then you are losing money. It is incredibly fiscally irresponsible to continue throwing away capital for nothing; however, that does not mean that you should abandon YouTube as an advertising platform, because it can be a very effective tool once you popularize your channel. Spending a little money to buy youtube subscribers cheap is simply a small added production cost that will significantly boost your returns.

Additionally, videos with higher views tend to attract companies who want to advertise on your channel and who will pay you for this opportunity. Thus, the financial benefit is twofold—you receive increased revenue from other businesses paying you for advertising space and you see increased sales through the larger number of people viewing your video.

If you find yourself stuck in a YouTube rut, with no subscribers, very few views, and almost no “likes,” you should consider seeking out a company that will generate subscribers and views for your channel for a nominal fee. It is an effective boost for both new channels and older channels that are struggling to break into the YouTube mainstream and results in a higher video rank which, in turn, garners more subscribers, views, and “likes,” as well as a positive reputation. In the end, all of this generates more money and more business, giving you greater prosperity and success.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking to buy YouTube subscribers, there are a number of reasons you should buy from us:

Permanent YouTube Subscribers

One of the most common scams among companies offering to sell YouTube subscribers is disappearing results. A client pays for a certain number of subscribers and receives them very quickly. They’re pleased with the results – at first. Then, two or three weeks later, they find that all of those subscribers they gained through their purchase begin unsubscribing. Sometimes this happens little by little, but more often than not it’s a large drop off all at once. When you buy from us, you’ll never have to worry about this happening to you. Our YouTube subscribers are permanent additions; they won’t suddenly disappear on you.

100% Safe Practices

We use only the safest methods and strategies to get your new subscribers. This means that you never have to worry about being banned from YouTube for not complying with their policies; our subscribers are gained in ways that follow YouTube’s Terms of Service and won’t jeopardize your account. After all, what good is paying for more subscribers if your channel is deactivated and banned a few days later? Many companies selling subscribers don’t care about the safety of your account; once they’ve been paid it’s of no consequence to them. Our goal, however is to help your business succeed on YouTube, not just increase your subscriber count.

Privacy Protection

It’s disappointing how little some companies care about their client’s privacy. One common practice in the industry is to sell a business’ or client’s data to a third party, making every client purchase a twofold revenue stream. That’s something you’ll never have to worry about with us. We value our customers’ privacy, and we will never sell or share your information with anyone else.

Fast Service

What good is buying YouTube subscribers if it takes months to get them? For that kind of service, you can increase your count on your own. We offer quick results; in fact, you’ll begin to see your subscriber count increasing 24 hours after you purchase. Your order will then be completed as quickly as is possible without drawing suspicion from YouTube.

Secure Payment

Hackers are of no concern when you use our service. All transactions are completed via PayPal and are secured using an encrypted payment gateway. Once again, our goal is to provide you with the service you need while continuing to protect your privacy, including your payment information.