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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the subscribers real?

Yes! When you buy YouTube subscribers from us, rest assured that our subscribers are real people. Unlike our competitors, we do not offer an increase in bot subscriptions. Our subscribers aid in creating social authority and a greater comfort of online presence. Thus making it easier for future viewers to click on the subscribe button.

Will these subscribers drop?

No! The subscribers we deliver are genuine and permanent for LIFE! We partner with you to inspire the long-term success of your channel. Thus, SocialGrand offer you a guarantee of your paid subscribers! If you ever experience a drop in subs, you are welcome to get in touch with our support team through the Contact page for free replenishments.

Is your service safe?

We use only the safest methods and strategies to get your new subscribers. This means that you never have to worry about being banned from YouTube for not complying with their policies. Our subscribers are gained in ways that won’t jeopardize your account. Many companies selling subscribers don’t care about the safety of your account; once they’ve been paid it’s of no consequence to them. Our goal, however, is to help your business succeed on YouTube, not just increase your subscriber count.

What about my Privacy?

The privacy of your personal and financial data is our highest priority. Thus, we do not believe in generating revenue by sharing or selling your email to third parties, nor do we ask for your account password. SSL encryption is deployed throughout the site to ensure secure online communication between your web browser and our web server. When you buy subscribers from us, we are committed to full confidentiality. We understand the need to maintain the perfect image of our clients.

How fast will I start receiving the subscribers?

We pride ourselves on our quick service, subscribers will be delivered in the timeframe for each package. After you buy real YouTube subscribers, we ensure a fast and successful delivery. If you are unhappy with the waiting time, feel free to contact our friendly customer service agents for assistance.

What payment methods do you accept?

We are flexible with respect to payments. You can pay with credit cards, via PayPal or crypto coins through Your personal and financial details are encrypted and will be not be shared with third parties. After the successful payment, you will receive a confirmation via email.


Benefits of purchasing YouTube Subscribers:

YouTube is a powerful platform where great content can bring immense recognition to videos creator. Interestingly, 8 out of 10 people in the crucial 18-49 age bracket are on YouTube every month; an astonishing 5 billion videos are watched every day. In order to become successful, your content has to break into this extremely competitive space, to ascend in search rankings and generate revenue.

In essence, your aim for fame and fortune is predicated on your strategy to get YouTube subscribers. To help you on your journey to internet stardom, here are the reasons why buying YouTube subscribers can be of immense benefit to your channel.

Social Capital

Buying YouTube subscribers creates social capital, respectability and more organic subscribers. There is considerable scientific evidence to indicate that viewers subscribe to channel that already have a lot of subscribers. Customers who watch good videos, but feel hesitant to subscribe, often need that extra motivation to click on the subscribe button.

If you manage to figure out how to get YouTube subscribers from the right source, it can be the difference between a valuable, revenue-generating subscriber and a mere viewer. Our subscribers are reliable and with you for the long run. The more subscribers you buy, the greater your chances of creating an online environment that is geared towards getting more views, subscribers, likes, and comments.

Provides Crucial Initial Momentum

On average, it takes about a year for a new YouTubers to gain 1000 subscribers and things tend to accelerate thereafter. A year is a long wait for a content creator and that initial 1000 count is by no means guaranteed. When you resolve the challenge of getting reliable YouTube subscribers, this also gives your channel that crucial initial momentum instantly.

This brings you closer to the tipping point. Like a piece of dislodged snow which causes an avalanche, your initial subscriber pool will provide the needed push for your videos to ascend search rankings, go viral, and generate revenue.

You may be producing great content, but fellow YouTubers need to know that your video or channel exists in the first place. The reliable subscribers we supply will help your video get noticed. Thanks to the snowball effect of YouTube’s algorithm, once you cross the initial hurdle, success is just a small step away.

High-quality Subscribers Can Increase Site Traffic

When you’re pondering where to buy cheap YouTube subscribers, realize that both size and quality matter. If you end up buying subscribers from a provider with a questionable track record, the bots you now have as your subscribers prove to be low-quality. As these ‘subscribers’ begin to drop out, it may cause a negative reaction amongst real subscribers. Often people choose to unsubscribe in such situations, as doubt of credibility seeps in.

Buying subscribers from premier providers can often result in a high-quality, reliable subscriber pool that can increase site-traffic to your content. Even if the paid subscribers do not participate in the conversations in the comments section. Their presence creates a strong foundation which automatically attracts more subscribers.

Reliability of the service provider and permanence of the subscribers supplied are key metrics that you should bear in mind. When the subscribers you buy are real people who stick with you, then you have everything you need for an assisted takeoff. Thus, the purchase of our subscribers is a legitimate investment – one that has led to the increase in traffic and revenue for many of our clients.

Affordable Method of Marketing

For a new content creator, the next big challenge after creating great content is the promotion. With the hope of increasing views and subs, you may try Ad buys; although these often prove more costly than they’re worth. You can also share links to your content on all social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but the traction on offer is always minimal. Not only do you have to compete with others in the same position, but larger channels also work on the same domain.

With an offer of 1000 real and lifetime subscribers for as little as $62.90, the opportunity to grow your business comes at a steal. See just how quickly you can grow your channel with an affordable option that is designed to help you achieve YouTube success. As an outsider trying to disrupt Youtube’s status quo with limited capital, buying reliable and permanent subscribers is the most efficient way to break into the market.

Search Ranking Dominance

Usually, YouTube viewers click on only the first few search results on the first page; perhaps the next page at a push. Studies have shown that page 3 is the start of ‘dead zone’, as it is rare that a potential viewer ventures that far into any search. Our trusted subscribers will aid your channel in appearing as far high up as possible. This is the place every YouTuber dreams of, the pages of fame and fortune.

Also, remember that you are often competing for attention against established corporations or competitors who already have a high number of subscribers, views. Given the YouTube search algorithm’s tendency to preserve the status quo, it is crucial that you buy subscribers to equalize this very unequal field. Breaking the ranks may often seem discouraging and a waste of time. With a simple purchase, all this goes away and your channel will get the recognition it deserves.

It is hard to go wrong with reliable and trusted subscribers. On YouTube, these are the people that pay the bills – they are what it’s all about. Without them, posting content, no matter how good it may be, becomes an anticlimactic experience. With a trusted subscriber provider, you can turn disappointment into YouTube success. “With great power comes great responsibility” – so do us a favor and give your new subscribers the content they deserve.

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