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Buy Real Facebook Followers (Subscribers)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the followers real?

Yes! The followers you buy from us are real. Unlike other sellers, we do not sell bots. Internet users today have more awareness than ever; they can easily differentiate between real and fake followers. This is a prime factor that sets us apart from other Facebook follower sellers as our followers are real and active.

Will these followers drop?

We assure you that you will not see a drop in the number of Facebook followers you have purchased from us. You can buy Facebook followers from us that are guaranteed permanent. In any case you notice that your followers have reduced, there is nothing to worry about as we have got you covered. You can contact us via our contact page and we will offer free replenishments.

Is your service safe?

Absolutely! We do not use methods that are illegal or land you in a trouble. We do not make any compromise on the quality; therefore, only safest methods and strategies are implemented for getting Facebook followers. Furthermore, we comply with all the policies on Facebook to ensure our clients do not get any sort of trouble.

What about my Privacy?

We use advanced SSL protection throughout the site to ensure our client’s personal data is secured. We also never ask for confidential information such as account password. No information is ever shared with third-parties. Therefore, there is no concern of privacy if you are buying Facebook followers from us.

How fast will I receive the followers?

Once you have made the payment to buy Facebook followers from us, you will get them in no more than a couple of hours. Your Facebook followers will increase very soon. However, in case if the number hasn’t grown even after 24 hours have passed, just drop us a message; our expert staff will look into the matter and promptly respond to your query.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through multiple payments for the convenience of our clients. Our clients can make payment using PayPal. If you use your credit cards, you can also make payment using them. SocialGrand also accepts payment made through crypto coins via You can select the method that suits you the best.


Benefits of purchasing Facebook Followers:

Increased Authority

Your integrity is as good as the number of people who follow you. This is one hard truth of life. The psychology behind this is the bandwagon effect. People tend to do what others do regardless of what they really believe in.

The number of your followers is a good indicator of your honesty. Why would thousands of people follow your profile? You must have good things to offer.

Your follower count in your Facebook account says so many things. It indicates how popular you are. People don't follow profiles/brands they don't like. They don't follow unpopular people. The number of your followers is equal to your fame.

With many followers, you become an authority. When people see that you have 100,000 followers, they will naturally think that your profile/brand is important and that it adds value.

To Reduce Hard Work

Do you want to waste money? No? As if it is not enough, here is another benefit. If you get real Facebook followers, you reduce the amount of labor. Marketing is labor intensive. Social media marketing requires posts that go viral. It requires thinking and working. And they require human capital, very much.

Sadly, very few campaigns succeed in doing this. After you post an ad, you also need to do is to engage your customers. They need content. They need answers. This means you need to be on Facebook all the time. This, of course, is a waste of time. Because much work is involved in order to get more followers. But the easy solution for you is to buy them, from legitimate sources.

It Attracts More People

As you gain more and more followers, you attract more people. They are like bees coming to a plant. The result of this is more business.

Online, the most important thing is the eyeball. Without followers, you are invisible. No business can stand without networking. If you have a limited amount of followers, then there are no chances of growth. Those who are going to follow you could share your posts and get more other people to follow you. Once you know where to buy real Facebook followers and get them, you are opening doors for more engagement. Buying followers on Facebook for cheap will allow you to grow your network easily.

It Reverses the Damage of Fan Attrition

From time to time, people do a sweep of their Facebook accounts. They unfriend people and they also unfollow profiles. This is a reality that can be damaging to your popularity. It makes future potential customers be apprehensive about you.

The solution is to know how to get Facebook followers. Once you do, you can easily replace the number of followers you lost. And when you do, you can rest assured that you can maintain the same level of engagement as before. The higher the engagement, the more business prospect.

Cheap and Fast

Ever noticed how fewer and fewer people get to like your posts? This is because people from time to time get tired of the same drill. It is a natural behavior. People’s interests change. You can post a picture of your baby today and get a hundred likes. Do it again many times and almost no one will bother. Fewer people will share your post.

This means it takes time to build a following. And time means money. You need to spend hours in labor for each post. Or maybe someone else to do it. The bottom line is that it is expensive.

It typically costs anywhere between $20 to $50 to publish a decent and catchy post to attract followers. And this does not include the salary of the person managing your social media.

But what if you could reverse this? SocialGrand offer guaranteed followers for cheap. The results will start showing in as short as 2 hours. You can see the increase in engagement very fast. And you can expect delivery in time for every single time you order us.

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