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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the photo likes real?

Of course, yes! We provide you with real photo likes from genuine Facebook accounts run by real people. Unlike other sellers, we don’t use bots that deliver fake likes that only end up giving you a fake popularity. All the likes your photos get come from people with real Facebook profiles. Remember our goal is to make your photos more popular in the most natural way.

Will these photo likes drop?

This rarely ever occurs. When you buy Facebook photo/post/status likes from us, we ensure that the likes never drop. The likes your photos get from us are guaranteed to remain permanent. If you ever experience a drop, kindly reach out to our customer support team via our contact page and we’ll gladly provide you with replenishments for FREE.

Is your service safe?

We value the safety of your account and would never put it at risk of a Facebook ban. This is why we only use the safest methods and strategies that abide by Facebook terms of use. We don’t use risky strategies such as botting which do not comply with Facebook’s policies. We only deal in safe and genuine photo likes.

What about my Privacy?

Your privacy is important to us. When you decide to get Facebook photo likes from us, you’ll never be asked to reveal or provide us with your account password. All the information you provide us with such as your email or username is never shared or sold to third parties. We also have SSL protection throughout our website.

How fast will I start receiving the photo likes?

We strive to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. Keep in mind that the likes are coming from real people and not some random bot. In most cases, it takes a couple of hours to start seeing results. However, if you don’t see an increase in your photo likes after 24 hours, please contact us immediately.

What payment methods do you accept?

We understand that customers have different preferences when it comes to payment methods. At present, we accept PayPal, which is an almost universally available payment method, and Through, customers can pay using crypto coins. They are secure and convenient payment methods that accommodate different types of credit cards, crypto coins, and PayPal.


Benefits of Purchasing Facebook Photo Likes:

Before you start thinking of where to buy cheap likes, it is important to know the benefits you get from the investment. When you buy real Facebook photo likes, you make your page or profile more popular and get a marketing boost for your business. Here are some of the key benefits of purchasing likes for your brand’s Facebook photo.

Promote your brand image and credibility

Findings from a recent study on the best ROI social media by SocialFresh, showed that 96% of online marketers believe Facebook has the best return on investment (ROI). Facebook is still king for marketers. Your photo on Facebook, therefore, speaks a lot about your brand or company. If the photo has a huge amount of likes on Facebook, it will be more enticing to the public and promote your brand. A popular photo acts as an endorsement for your brand credibility too.

More leads and potential customers

Do you know that most people who like your photo on Facebook are likely to like your page or company profile too? Every person who likes your page becomes a subscriber of your content. They become potential customers for your products or services. However, the problem is to get them to your page. When you use our service, we’ll give your Facebook photos the traction they need to start getting more likes and shares.

Get an edge over your competitors on social media

Not many of your competitors know how to get Facebook photo likes. If you buy facebook photo/status likes, you will find that you will factor higher than the closest competitor in your niche. When photos of your products or brand get a huge number of likes from our service, you get achieve competitive advantage over the competition in terms of popularity on social media.

Higher positive engagement with the Facebook audience

When a person goes to Facebook and clicks a “Like” button, he or she is committing an act of human acknowledgment or interaction with you. Liking something is a form of positive acknowledgment. When people come across a photo that has received a huge number of positive interaction, they’ll naturally be attracted to your brand or business. And engage further with your content in a positive way.

Facebook may be the largest and most influential social utility on the Internet but that doesn’t mean all the users are interested in your content. The likes your photos get need to come from real users who have an interest in the type of products or services you sell. Buying photo likes could get you an opportunity to engage with a targeted Facebook audience interested in content from your specific niche.

It is cheap and fast

Facebook may be the largest and most influential social utility on the Internet but if you don’t have enough likes in your photos, you won’t be able to take advantage of this huge user base. The likes your photos get need to come from real users who have an interest in the type of products or services you sell. When you buy Facebook photo likes from a genuine source like ours, you will get a fast and affordable service to meet your needs. So you can better target the Facebook audience interested in your content.

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