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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the likes real?

They are as real as they can get! When you buy Instagram likes from us, we employ only most trusted methods in delivering our likes. Paying special attention to even the smallest of details.
All of our likes stem from real and active accounts that are akin to those of a regular user.

Unlike many other providers, we absolutely DO NOT use bots in our delivery. As those likes experience high drop rates, which is something we vehemently avoid!

Will these likes drop?

Owing much of our success to the high levels of scrutiny we put on our accounts, which exclusively stem from real users. We can proudly exclaim that we've never had our likes drop in all of our years of practice!

We are so convinced of our high-yielding standard that we claim your delivered likes to have long retention times. That means if by any unfortunate circumstances, your likes drop, you'll be able to get free replenishments from us!

Is your service safe?

As previously mentioned, we only work with real accounts from real users. Moreover, our accounts utilize safe methods and secret strategies over years of experience in the social media realm.

We take much pride in being able to comply with all the policies from Instagram, keeping our practices legal and inside a safe zone.

What about my Privacy?

Your account privacy and other confidential information are 100% safe with us. All of your information is safely encrypted using site-wide SSL protection and is only viewable to you. Your information will not be shared or sold to third parties, as we strictly believe in the sanctity of user privacy.

Lastly, we will never ask for your account password or any other passwords for that matter.

How fast will I start receiving the likes?

When you submit an order, the process is as soon as possible and you can safely assume that your likes will start to appear in a couple of hours.
You can also request a drip-feed for your likes, creating an even bigger impression on other people and their view of your boosted post!
Very rarely, when nothing happens after 24 hours, you're advised to contact us and we'll see that the problem is solved as soon as possible.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept both FIAT and cryptocurrency.
If you want to pay in US dollars, you'll be able to do so by using your PayPal balance or credit card.
If you want to pay in cryptocurrency, you'll be able to do by using the platform.
Both of the payment platforms are safe and trusted by other people making purchases online.


Benefits of purchasing Instagram likes:

If you're looking to buy cheap Instagram likes, you have to know why you're doing it in the first place. Coming to terms with the fact that Instagram admitted to giving more prominence to posts with higher engagement. It doesn't come as a surprise that many users seek a regular boost of their own posts.

With that being said, here are some other reasons why buying Instagram likes is very beneficial to your company or a household name.

The Domino Effect

Also known for the 'monkey see - monkey do' phrase, getting Instagram likes for your posts makes other people more likely to engage with you.

Human behaviors are often tied to one another, as they prefer to engage with accounts that are endowed with more likes, leaving you in the gutter. But there is a 100% sure that the more likes your photos have, the more they can get.

Dominance over Competitors

Would you rather buy a product from someone that has an average of 1500 likes per post or 15 likes? The answer is obvious: You buy Instagram likes in order to show to the world that you're the better option.

Thus, having a safety net of likes under your disposal gives you the edge over any competition. As you'll always have more prominence going on for your account.

The Explore Page

That infamous compass can get you right into the door of your customers!

The explore page is filled with posts that have a high engagement in the form of likes and comments. And the likes count is the biggest decisiveness of whether you'll land there or not. If any business is looking to connect with a wider audience, be it local or overseas, this is certainly the way forward.

Drive more Sales

This is an indirect upshot of buying real Instagram likes. For example, a company’s website or an e-commerce site is linked from the content on Instagram that has an initial boost of likes. People pay attention to the brand. And, drives them to collect more information on the products and the company itself (if it is a new brand). Thereby increasing website traffic to a great extent. Improved website traffic also greatly increases the chances of sales.

Businesses currently are fighting tooth and nail to survive in an environment that is as harsh as the Sahara. A simple mistake can pull any business from dizzying heights into a bottomless pit in days.

Since this is the era of ‘first come first served’, doubling up popularity in as little a time as possible while staying well within the perimeter of a budget is quite a challenging task. And buying Instagram likes helps businesses successfully win at least one battle in this long and tiring war.

Instills Trust into Your Brand

If you've ever tried creating a brand, you would know just how hard it is to get a customer to trust you with your product.

It might take months or several years for you to finally become an authority in your field, which is a lot of time. And many wasted opportunities for most people. By buying likes on Instagram, you bypass that hurdle and head straight to the birdie!

The minuscule multi-media marketing endeavors, photographs, and brand logos tend to gain instant success thereby attracting more followers who in turn spread the word. The major reason for this is that people believe that the more popular a product is, the more credible it is.

Once that trust is established, it is easier to penetrate even the toughest and the most overcrowded of markets.

To conclude, Instagram likes are an important currency in the Social Media realm. People generally flock to accounts that have a lot of followers and likes, that being the biggest reason why they're so important to have in the first place. You too can become an Instagram famous with the help of SocialGrand!

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