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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the shares real?

Yes! The shares are real. We value your message and do not subject it to bots like many of the sellers out there. You receive real shares from real human.

The shares you receive from us will put your message out there and greatly increase your reach so that you can have more people engaging with your posts.

Will these shares drop?

That will never occur. The Facebook shares you buying have longest retention on the internet. We guarantee that they are permanent.

When you buy from us, these shares will help to establish your Facebook account as one that offers real value to other users. You can be sure that our shares will always remain. Even if the shares ever drop, you can contact us via our contact page and you will get free replenishments.

Is your service safe?

Absolutely! We employ safe and approved methods that comply with all relevant regulations. We understand that your account needs to be in the good books of Facebook at all times.

Once you make your purchase, we deliver quality services and ensure your account is never affected negatively. You can expect only good results when working with us as we highly value your account safety.

What about my Privacy?

We employ SSL protection throughout the site and we are compliant to the latest privacy rules including the EU general data protection regulation. You will never be asked to submit your account password.

Your email and username will never be shared. And your information undergoes quality encryption and is then stored securely. As you can see, we highly value and prioritize your privacy.

How fast will I start receiving the shares?

You will receive your bought shares in a couple of hours. We strive to deliver fast and efficient results. We understand that every minute is precious when it comes to sharing on social media. And the faster we work the faster your message gets to the masses.

You can try us out today to experience these results.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay via Paypal or This means you can use your credit card with PayPal or crypto-coins using Either way, Payment is easy to process.

But if you don't prefer these methods, reach out to us to discuss an alternative and convenient payment method. And as soon as your payment is processed, our team will get to work immediately to deliver your shares.


Benefits of Purchasing Facebook Shares:

Shares Prove Quality

The truth is: shares are a little difficult to achieve. People want to be sure that a post is valuable before they forward it to their friends.

In other words, someone who shares a post is essentially telling their network that: they have read your post, found it useful, and they want others to also gain from it.

In fact, you can look at it as an endorsement.

This post which argues for Facebook shares quotes a study by New York Times Customer Insight Group which found that 94% of people carefully consider how the information that they share will be useful to others.

And the good news is, when you buy FB shares, more people will engage with your posts as they immediately think of it as important.

Get you more fans

Do you ever wonder why some posts get shared while others are ignored? The answer is simple. Shared posts become a part of their Facebook timeline and are therefore visible to their friends. Therefore they only share posts that their friends will enjoy.

Now, chances that many of these friends share the same interests are high. Hence, a post shared by one will likely be shared by the others.

Therefore, this will improve engagement with a post and translate to more fans. So, having more shares greatly increases your reach to potential fans.

This post by Webpronews demonstrates the results of a study by Socialbakers which shows that shares are more valuable than even likes and comments with regard to viral reach.

Give you a better understanding of your audience

Do you know one of the things that make shares so valuable? They can give you deeper insight into your fans. And as you know, Facebook is a data goldmine. You can use the information you get, to create better posts for your target audience. And this will translate to loyal followers.

But first, you must give your posts some traction by buying real Facebook shares to help you during that initial phase.

As soon as more shares start rolling in, you can dive into studying your audience and begin creating content that is truly beneficial to them. This will help you get a better understanding of your audience and acquire even more followers.

Boost Marketing

Let's face it. If you want to further market your brand or business, Facebook is the way to go. Because Facebook is the best digital marketing Channel.

And with over 2 billion unique users, you cannot deny that the number of potential followers and prospects is enormous.

We have already established that shares indicate quality. So you can bet that most brands today are wondering where to buy cheap Facebook shares.

Well, lucky for you, you are in the right place. You can increase your shares as soon as today…

So that you can boost the number of people likely to try out your services and believe in your brand.

Boost popularity

Do you ever notice that most shared posts are from people/brands considered an authority in their field? People want to be associated with winners and experts.

And the moment they notice that your posts have thousands of shares, they will interact with your posts.

But here's the catch, you must provide value every time. And as the shares increase, you will rise to influencer status. You will become someone whose opinion people want. They will always be looking out for your next posts. Buying Facebook shares will definitely help to boost up the popularity of your products and services.

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